Writer, nerd, and pole dance/aerialist extraordinaire in training. I love to spin!

Pole. Aerial. Contortion. Movement.

Age 22. Living and loving in Colorado. Started poling from the ground up in late March 2012. No previous dance/gymnastic experience. Or any physical activity, actually. This is me derpin' around, for the most part. Enjoy!



I have seriously been trying this one since last September with little results. But today it just happened and I am so excited!!! I finally figured out the hip rotation and how to utilize my bottom arm to help position me and bam! Once I got those things it became easy peasy…holding it isn’t too bad, but I don’t have the cleanest entry and I have NO IDEA how to get out of it other than just falling to the floor, but I don’t care I am just so pleased with myself :) 

haaaapppyyy daaaayyys

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    That’s awesome!! I’ve been trying this one lately to no avail. My hip rotation is so off. Practice makes perfect though,...
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